My Story

Carlee is a dating and relationship coach who holds a strong passion for leading women towards love and romance. She began her relationship teaching journey by explaining the importance of femininity through short TikTok reels. Soon, her content turned into relationship advice and understanding of the opposite sex. Her passion for teaching this long-lost dating information in a culture full of confusion shines through her videos. Carlee has helped and continues to help thousands of women understand themselves, and men, and build a value system that honors God.

"You are doing a beautiful job educating women, keep going. You are making an impact." - Follower

"I want to thank you so much for what you do. Your words open new doors in my mind and resonate so much with what I feel in my heart. You are a great inspiration for me as a feminine woman. May GOD BLESS YOU!" - Instagram Follower

"I love my friends but their advice wouldn't have gotten this reaction out of him (my partner!) You are the best Carlee! Thank you for teaching me your ways." - Follower, Client

Why I Created These Courses

I created these courses because I have a mission in helping feminine women and masculine men understand one another. Feminine women are struggling today in the worldwide relationship crisis, where the media is dictating our emotional reactions, our communication skills, and our ideas we've created about love + dating. Most women today cannot understand why they need a man in their life when all of their needs are so easily accessible in the Western world. In the world where femininity is so suppressed and frowned upon, we've lost touch with the skills it requires to attract masculine men to us. It was created with an understanding of ladies who feel intimated by dating multiple men when their friends do otherwise. This course/courses are crafted thoughtfully with the intention of helping the women who truly want to invest in themselves in order to attract masculine men who will protect, provide, and cherish them forever.

Who Is This Course For?

The Feminine Dating Course is for single (unmarried) feminine women who still hold true to their traditional values

For the single (unmarried) ladies who are either aspiring to be a stay at home mother or work a career outside of the home!

For the ladies that find it uncomfortable dating outside their comfort zones

The single feminine ladies who want to be a good role model example to their own friends

For the single feminine ladies who struggle in showing men who they are while they are being courted!

For the single feminine ladies who need guidance in their romantic lives while they are educating themselves or working their careers

When Should I Take This Course?

The Feminine Dating Course is perfect for any single era of your life that you are interested in dating around and practicing for your husband. It's for the ladies in school, in university, or in jobs where they need to reconnect with their feminine need to nurture and share love. It's for when you start questioning WHY you need a man in your life AT ALL!

Are you ready to upgrade your dating life with masculine men...